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The Crocodile Islands are located at the top of Australia in north east Arnhem Land, approximately 500km east of Darwin. There are over 20 islands in the Crocodile Islands Group, and as rangers we manage approximately 80,000 ha of land, 200km of coastline and 740,000 ha of sea country.


Culture is about law, ceremony, ancestors, songs, paintings, and knowing and feeling country. Through these things we know how to look after the natural assets in our environment. We know when and where the birds and turtle are breeding, we know how winds will affect fire, where the currents flow, and how the seasons affect the land and seas. In all these ways and many more, our country, our culture and ourselves are all intimately connected. It is this connection between people and place which is the most fundamental value of Maringa country and all Yolŋu land and seas.

It is imperative that we look after our sacred sites, as well as those places which are important for providing us with food, medicine and fresh water, and important for the survival of the plants and animals within the IPA. And it is important that we look after our knowledge of country, by visiting all these places and passing on our knowledge to our children.


Caring for Maringa country

Crocodile Islands Rangers protect land and sea country including Milingimbi, Murruŋga, Bodiya, Langarra, Gurriba and Dhipirri.


MOPRA and the rangers care for the homelands, the environment, community and culture by providing municipal services, maintaining essential services and housing maintenance. The Crocodile Islands Rangers work closely with MOPRA to deliver services to the homelands on Murrunga, Langgarra, Dhippiri, Rapuma and Bodiya.

Caring for Maringa country

The area where we work as rangers includes a variety of land and sea habitats, and a rich diversity of cultural and environmental resources which we care for under the guidance of the Traditional Owners and Custodians for each area. We also work collaboratively with our neighbouring ranger groups to fulfil our responsibilities to look after areas on the mainland from Wayal (Cape Stewart) to Anagartja (Blyth River), and on the islands of Galkubirri (Banyan Island) and Howard Island.

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