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The Crocodile Islands Rangers (CIR) was established by Laurie Baymarrwaŋga (1917-2014), the senior Maringa Traditional Owner for the Malarra Clan. Her leadership and vision continues to inspire us as we focus on combining western practices with traditional caring for country knowledge and skills.

The Crocodile Islands Rangers (CIR) were established by the Maringa clans. Maringa is a name we use to talk about the clans, families and ceremonies which belong to the islands. The language of Maringa country is Yan-nhaŋu, which is spoken by Bindararr, Ngurruwulu, Walamangu, Gamalangga, Malarra and Gurryindi (Gorryindi) people. Yan-nhaŋu language and rituals contain a wealth of cultural and biological knowledge, the reward of hundreds of generations of intimate coexistence with our environmentMaringa people and country are intimately connected to other people and countries across the region.

The CIR Program aims to protect land and sea country including 1054km2 of registered sacred sites, and the breeding and nesting sites of numerous threatened or endangered species, these are all linked to the songs and ceremonies of this extraordinary living component of Australia’s national heritage.

The Crocodile Islands Rangers (CIR) program is part of the Milingimbi Outstations Progress Resource Aboriginal Corporation(MOPRA). MOPRA’s role is to provide support to homelands residents at Murruŋga, Bodiya, Langarra and Dhipirri.

‘Nhaŋu dhangany yuwalkthana Yolŋu mitji marnggimana dhana mayili mana dhangany mana limalama ganatjirri marimba barathalayuma gurrku mana wanggalangga’.

‘We will pass on the stories of our sea country for the benefit of a new generation to make it strong’.

Laurie Baymarrwaŋga, 1999

Our Patron

Laurie Baymarrwaŋga (1917-2014) was an inspirational leader. Her vision and work underpinned the creation of the Crocodile Islands Rangers (CIR), the Junior Rangers Program and a Turtle Sanctuary on Gurriba Island.

Baymarrwaŋga spent a lifetime promoting the intergenerational transmission of local language and knowledge to sustain the livelihoods and links to homelands which are unique to this part of Australia.

It is our vision that in 10 years’ time:


  • We will be looking after our country in the way of our Yolŋu Law
  • We will be respected as the proper owners and managers of the Crocodile Islands
  • Our men’s and women’s culture and language will be alive and strong, and we will be teaching children in both Yolŋu and Balanda ways
  • Our community will be talking together, sharing knowledge and working together
  • We will be living on and making a living from our country
  • We will be protecting and sharing our cultural places as our traditional Law says
  • We will be using our traditional knowledge and Western science to care for our country so that no plants and animals are lost
  • We will have a strong ranger program with sustainable funding, which provides many jobs on country and a Junior Rangers program
  • Our healthy country will have no cane toads, weeds or rubbish and will provide plenty of different bush foods to support healthy people

Crocodile Island Rangers

The Crocodile Island Rangers (CIR) Program was established by the vision of Laurie Baymarrwangga, Senior Traditional Owner and Senior Australian of the Year 2012.

Baymarrwangga spent a lifetime promoting the intergenerational transmission of local language and knowledge to sustain the livelihoods and links to homelands which are unique to this part of the world. This vision remains the primary purpose of the ranger program, to provide meaningful and sustainable local employment whilst protecting the land and sea country through traditional and contemporary practices.

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Crocodile Islands Rangers is a program of the Milingimbi Outstations Progress Resource Aboriginal Corporation.
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The Crocodile Islands Rangers program is supported through funding from the Australian Government.

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